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Dr Majid Shah







Reasons to choose Dr Majid for your Aesthetic journey

  • Graduate of prestigious institutions such as King Edward’s School Edgbaston Birmingham and received his degree in Dentistry at King’s College London, part of the Top 3 Dental Institutes in the world
  • Graduated having won an Award of Merit for Practical Excellence.
  • He secured a highly coveted one year Senior House Officer post dedicated purely to Restorative Dentistry at King’s College Dental Institute. Home to the only Dental Trauma unit in the UK, where he worked alongside renowned consultants and specialists.
  • Spent five years leading a Dental Practice in a high needs area of Birmingham.
  • Completed many Masterclass courses over the years at Allergan & Harley Street and is therefore capable of a multitude of expert level non-surgical procedures with clinical precision and attention to detail
  • Trained by a variety of elite practitioners including the legendary Mauricio de Maio, arguably the ‘Godfather’ of modern Non-Surgical Aesthetics
  • Worked at an elite and highly renowned Aesthetics-only clinic for six years and counting at Harley Street and the City of London
  • Over a thousand treatments as an Aesthetic Doctor with Botox and Dermal fillers alone, with Zero adverse events.

Majid has an established network of satisfied patients as an Aesthetic Doctor in Birmingham and London, thanks to lots of “word of mouth” referrals. He is a regular in invite-only Industry training and showcase events.

Elected year representative for four consecutive years during University, he honed skills to excel in patient communication and trust. His medical background ingrained the “Do No Harm” culture into him, thus ensuring that his patients always come first.

Outside of the clinic he is an avid fan of live music, film and plays the electric guitar. He is a passionate football supporter and is a part of a charity organisation. He has recently started blogs on fashion and football. Separate blogs obviously!

I am privileged to have been a part of the Aesthetics industry for over five years now, although I started providing patient injections in 2006 during my Dental degree at King’s College London. Being confident in patient communication and particularly practical treatment from an early stage, coupled with intensive anatomical knowledge has provided me with a fantastic foundation and inevitable route to Facial Aesthetics. 

My vision for the clinic revolves around Youth, Wellness, Honesty and Clinical Excellence. We want our patients to look fresh, feel young and positive. I will always provide an honest approach to help you understand how you can get there, and if you are there already: to help you stay there. I can achieve that through clinical excellence, being a student of the finer details. Don’t take my word for it, I have created every bit of this website from scratch. No templates or media companies…just time, learning and hard work. The website looks the way I would like every patient to feel…premium, polished and positive. The patients are worth it!


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