Cheek Enhancement

cheekbones…the gift that keeps on giving

Cheek Enhancement

cheekbones…the gift that keeps on giving

Cheek Filler Injections in Birmingham

Sunken and hollow cheeks can make us look older than we are.

Thankfully our cheek filler service in Birmingham can help fill the void and smooth the surface for a youthful finish.  With over 2000 procedures complete, you’re in safe hands with Dr Majid Shah.








Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement in Birmingham

This is the use of dermal fillers to treat the middle third of the face, depending on each patient’s specific needs. There are four approaches to this treatment that define its benefits… Restore, Lift, Contour and Support. Patients often want defined cheekbones, while others seek to add volume without cosmetic surgery.  

In your free consultation, we will discuss how we can craft the perfect treatment for you.

Do cheek fillers make you look younger?

Yes! We lose volume from our faces over time, and due to stress and over-exertion.

Hyaluronate based dermal fillers replace lost volume and hydrate the face. The hydration is due to hyaluronic acid’s ability to retain moisture. It can bind with water up to 1000 times its size, and create expanded cell structures (great for adding volume).

How long do cheekbone fillers last? Is cheek filler permanent?

Dermal fillers usually last between 9 to 12 months. They are not permanent. Still, there are always vast differences between patients.

Factors that affect the duration of cheek fillers include:

  • age
  • high or low metabolism
  • the amount of product used
  • stress

It must be noted though, on average patients should expect around 6 to 9 months for smaller quantities such as 0.5ml.

What is the best filler for cheeks?

The choice of filler rests on your goals. For example, Juvederm Voluma is perfect for cheek augmentation. Restylane Lyft is ideal for use near the tear trough. Each cheek area also responds to varying densities of dermal filler.

Are fillers safe for your face?

Cheek fillers are very safe. The main risks involve the potential of some mild bruising and swelling. We expect some slight redness with all cosmetic treatments. There are also some vascular risks, which are minimised by:

  • Firstly, a strong knowledge of anatomy
  • use of the correct technique
  • taking time with each patient
  • an experienced clinician performs the treatment

There is no lasting visible scar after treatment!

What should I do after filler injections?

We expect some swelling immediately after cheek enhancement, so an ice pack on the nose can help. The initial swelling will go down quite quickly.

There may be some soreness (from the filler injections) as the effect from the numbing cream wears off. You can manage this with a painkiller, such as paracetamol. We advise against ibuprofen and aspirin.

We recommend lots of rest and no intense exercise, for 48 hours after your treatments. The reduced activity allows the body to heal treated areas quicker.

After 24 hours the bruising and swelling may have mostly subsided. You can still apply a cold compress or ice pack at this stage. Drinking a lot of water also helps.

We always offer a free follow-up appointment (generally after two weeks).


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