Non Surgical Jaw Reduction

Non Surgical Jaw Reduction

Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

Experience amazing jaw reduction results without surgery. Our Masseter Botox treatment in Birmingham can relax and reduce your masseter muscles and give you a slimmer and more defined face.

Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

A wide or ‘square’ jaw is usually caused by large or ‘over-trained’ masseter muscles – muscles used for chewing. This can be a familial trait or a result of Bruxism – the grinding or clenching of teeth. Around 80% of Bruxists are unaware of their grinding habit!

Having ‘over-trained’ masseters can misrepresent your natural face shape and also be harmful later on in life. This condition may contribute to the loss of enamel from teeth, destabilise jaw joints and intensify migraines.

Luckily, it is possible to relax and reduce the size of these muscles without surgery with A SINGLE treatment.

Does Botox jaw reduction work?

Yes, it does! Botox relaxes jaw muscles very effectively and swiftly. A non-surgical reduction is a great alternative to surgical treatment. It is also advisable to have a dental review if you feel you need this treatment. Jaw clenching or tooth grinding can lead to the master muscles to be highly active and therefore, very large as a result.

Can Botox slim your face?

Masseter muscle reduction occurs when the muscle is kept relaxed over some time. Although the muscles will reduce in size from the first injections, sustaining the treatment will give incredible results.

Coupled with dermal fillers in the right areas of the face, makes this goal very achievable.

What does a standard Jaw Slimming treatment look like?

Once you are ready for treatment, we map out the size, position and strength of the masseter (jaw) muscles. At this point, we also note any asymmetry in the jaw line. 

Botox is drawn up into small syringes and injected into the masseters evenly. We aim to inject botox at the level where the jaw muscle is densest.

After cleaning the treated areas we will talk you through some do’s and don’ts, and then you can carry on about your day as usual.

While patients start to see changes within a month, the full effect may take up to eight weeks. At this point, it is recommended to come for a complimentary review. We will see if your masseters need additional botox injections to achieve the planned result.

How long does Jawline botox last?

After the jaw reduction procedure, the effect lasts for around six months. The first time this is done we advise patients that the muscle is at its strongest ever and the result may show for a little less. The complimentary top-up appointment is handy for this reason, so we can fully reduce the muscle tone.


Jaw Slimming treatment is only carried out by a qualified Aesthetic Doctor, with many years of experience


Jaw Botox treatment has a very high success rate. This is due to a tailored treatment plan that gets right to the cause of the problem


After a swift assessment of the masseter muscles of the jaw, the painless procedure takes less than five minutes


Sometimes very strong masseters need a little more product and other times a good treatment could be even better. This is assessed at a review and any more product used is complimentary.


To provide 100% transparency a price cap is in place for patients who may need more Botox for their treatment


With non surgical jaw reduction a comprehensive assessment of the causes of the issue is hugely important, and can ensure your treatment will be a long term success

“The procedure itself was very quick and painless, all done within a few minutes. Now my lower jaw has become much slimmer.. I am extremely happy with the results”

– Trustpilot review for Jaw Reduction


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