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Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction

Slim your jawline without undergoing a surgical procedure

A non-surgical jaw reduction operation sounds like a major deal, but in fact, this non surgical skin treatment can be performed in under 5 minutes with zero recovery time here at the Dr Majid Shah Skin Care Clinic in Birmingham.

We specialise in non-surgical facial aesthetic skin treatments, and use the most up-to-date cosmetic technology to create slimmer, more defined facial features as recommended by many clients up and down the country. The non-surgical jaw reduction treatments require no scalpel and leaves no scar on the skin.

You can walk out of our clinic with no tell-tale signs of skin intervention – just your confidence levels already rising as the reduction treatment begins to take effect. 

In the UK there has been huge leaps forward in non-surgical aesthetics means you no longer need two weeks off work and several thousand pounds to achieve a desirable jaw shape. For a non-surgical jaw reduction, all you need is a cluster of injections at your lunch break and your on with your day.

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Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction in Birmingham
Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment

Experience amazing jaw reduction results without surgery. Our Masseter Botox treatment in Birmingham can relax and reduce your masseter muscles and give you a slimmer and more defined face. Botox is the best cosmetic solution for your jawline. This non-invasive treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while also helping you breathe more easily. The effects of botox can be achieved with a single visit to our medical facility, making it an excellent option for those looking to achieve a more natural look without undergoing surgery.

The Process At Our Non-Surgical Clinic

During the initial clinic consultation phase, we’ll map out the size, position and strength of the masseter muscles. We will also note any asymmetry in the jawline that may need correcting. Our consultations are always holistic, and we can discuss not just immediate treatment, but a plan for ongoing reduction treatment and maintenance of your new look. 

Our Non Invasive Surgical Jaw Treatments Include

During your treatment at the clinic, a few small Botox skin injections are made into the densest part of the masseters. This injection treatment requires a few weeks to fully take effect, during which the masseter jaw muscle is slowly relaxed. During a period of 4-8 weeks after your clinic appointment, the overall volume and stature of the jaw muscle will be reduced due to lack of exercise, and the jaw will appear slimmer

A Botox injection into the facial jawline will last for around 6 months. The first time you undergo the injection procedure, your masseter muscles will be at their strongest, so you’ll find that the slimming effect becomes more noticeable with every application. Masseter is an excellent choice for patients looking to relieve tension around the jawline. Non-surgical means a painless, no-incisions recovery, often within minutes after initial treatment.

Compared to Surgical Jaw Surgery

In order to truly appreciate the amazing and pain free efficiency of Botox-based non surgical jaw reduction, we can compare it to other types of jaw sculpting. 

  • V-line jaw reshaping (also known as mandibuloplasty) is a surgical jaw reduction process in which part removal of the jawbone, guiding it to heal in a slimmer, more feminine V shape angle. This is a major procedure in which general anaesthetic is used, and the chin may also be shaved down. The surgery takes between 1 and 2 hours, and recovery up to 3 weeks.

It also costs several thousand pounds depending on where in the world you undergo the treatment procedure.

  • This type of surgery is sometimes conducted as part of wider Facial Feminization Surgery, or FFS. This involves major reconstructive surgery, and is often pursued by those undergoing gender reassignment. This type of surgical program often costs patients tens of thousands.
  • A surgical chin implant is another route to correcting imbalance in the facial features. It can make a wide jaw look more in proportion, but naturally, it can’t physically reduce the size.

Cost of Non-Surgical
Face Care Treatments With Us

A standard dose at our practice (our most popular treatment) costs £350, and a bulk purchase of two treatments (lasting a full year) amounts to £700. For our full list of treatment prices and other non surgical options visit our full prices list.






Price for 1 minute

Jawline Enhancement 


Per ml

Juvederm Volux

£300 per ml when buying 2+ syringes

Jaw Slimming


Inc. Review

Masseter Muscle

excessively strong muscles may incur £50 charge for a top up- decided at consultation

Jaw Slimming


Inc. Review

Temporalis Muscle

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With me, Doctor Majid Shah at our Birmingham Clinic in the West Midlands. With over 4,000 successful skin treatments around the UK, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want!


Jaw Reduction Can Help With

A wide or square jaw often has a singular cause: overuse of the masseter jaw muscles. These are the muscles we use for chewing. They’re the second strongest muscle in the body after our tongue. It’s because of this muscle strength that over-training can make a noticeable physical difference to the face. The root of this ‘over-training’ is known as bruxism, or excessive teeth-grinding.

This is a condition that a shocking 80% of bruxists are unaware they have. It can be harmful, leading to loss of tooth enamel, destabilisation of jaw joints, and migraines. 

Here at our Birmingham skin care clinic painless treatments for facial enhancement for both men and women are easy to achieve


Jaw Slimming treatment is only carried out by a qualified Aesthetic Doctor, with many years of experience


Jaw Botox treatment has a very high success rate. This is due to a tailored treatment plan that gets right to the cause of the problem


After a swift assessment of the masseter muscles of the jaw, the painless procedure takes less than five minutes


ometimes very strong masseters need a little more product and other times a good treatment could be even better. This is assessed at a review and any more product used is complimentary.


To provide 100% transparency a price cap is in place for patients who may need more Botox for their treatment


With non surgical jaw reduction a comprehensive assessment of the causes of the issue is hugely important, and can ensure your treatment will be a long term success

“The procedure itself was very quick and painless, all done within a few minutes. Now my lower jaw has become much slimmer.. I am extremely happy with the results”

Trust Pilot Review for Jaw Reduction

Jaw Reduction FAQ's

Yes, it does! Botox relaxes jaw muscles very effectively and swiftly. A non-surgical reduction is a great alternative to surgical treatment. It is also advisable to have a dental review if you feel you need this treatment. Jaw clenching or tooth grinding can lead to the master muscles to be highly active and therefore, very large as a result.

Masseter muscle reduction occurs when the muscle is kept relaxed over some time. Although the muscles will reduce in size from the first injections, sustaining the treatment will give incredible results.

Once you are ready for treatment, we map out the size, position and strength of the masseter (jaw) muscles. At this point, we also note any asymmetry in the jaw line.

Botox is drawn up into small syringes and injected into the masseters evenly. We aim to inject botox at the level where the jaw muscle is densest.

After cleaning the treated areas we will talk you through some do’s and don’ts, and then you can carry on about your day as usual.

While patients start to see changes within a month, the full effect may take up to eight weeks. At this point, it is recommended to come for a complimentary review. We will see if your masseters need additional botox injections to achieve the planned result.

After the jaw reduction procedure, the effect lasts for around six months. The first time this is done we advise patients that the muscle is at its strongest ever and the result may show for a little less. The complimentary top-up appointment is handy for this reason, so we can fully reduce the muscle tone.

This entails the injection of an all-natural toxic substance into the Masseter (Jaw muscle) on each side of the face. The toxin causes a stress-free effect for the muscle and stops over activity. In time the muscular tissue diminishes as it is not being worked out as much.
The treatment is really quick as well as relatively comfy. Generally 5 injections per muscle is required, with extremely small aesthetic needles used to inject the therapy right into the muscular tissues.

This treatment can additionally be used to deal with troubles with Teeth-Grinding (‘Bruxism’).


In the treatment we inject Botox into the densest part of the masseter muscle. This is carefully assessed before treatment as it varies from patient to patient.

It’s a fallacy that fillers cause sagging. Fillers do not stretch the skin, and after they have been metabolised out of your system, your skin will return to its normal appearance. 


On average, jaw reduction uses around 25 units of Botox. But we take each person’s unique requirements into consideration, so this number may vary between patients.


Complications with any Botox-based treatment are extremely rare. The only side affects you may encounter are some swelling and bruising following the injectable treatment. Many people experience no side effects at all. 

It’s natural to question whether any beauty enhancement will be worth it in terms of the rewards. For many, it’s a brand-new experience, and can be a little intimidating. The great news is, with injectable treatments, there is very little ‘sunk cost’. Pain, inconvenience and expense are all at a complete minimum. This astounding result speaks for itself, and very few of our patients choose not to continue on with regular treatments and top-ups.