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Tear Trough Filler Treatment Birmingham

a Non-Surgical treatment

For non surgical tear trough filler look no further than Dr Majid Shah clinic here in Birmingham. Topical treatments, cold presses, and facial massage help lessen the appearance of dark circles on your skin. 

Being the #1 aesthetics clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands with over 4,000 happy and many loyal patients we will perform this transformative, age-reversing skin treatment safely and in the space of a lunch break.

Great results come thick and fast here and we would love you to be our next happy client.

For your next non surgical fillers for hollow tear troughs book your free consultation with us today 0121 514 2385

Reviews For Our Tear Trough Filler in Birmingham

But unlike tear trough fillers these treatments can’t build structure and fullness back into the tear trough. Tear trough filler treatment is a simple and natural way of improving this, and results at our tear trough filler clinic in Birmingham are seen immediately. 

For many people, the undereye area is the first place to lose volume from the face. This can cause a permanent ‘hollow’ or ‘groove’ on the skin that can make us look tired (even when we aren’t). 

This loss of volume can also make dark circles appear deeper and more noticeable on the skin. Because this type of filler is injected near the eyes, it’s imperative to get performed by an expert aesthetic practitioner only.

Filler Treatment Cost





Price for 1 minute

Tear Trough




Additional 1ml within 4months

Benefits of Tear Trough Filler Include 

By using hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler at our clinic, we can replace lost volume around the tear trough. Immediately after clinic treatment, you’ll notice several changes to your face and skin.

The tear trough area where filler has been injected will appear fuller, fresher, and more youthful.

tear trough under eye filler

The tear trough area where filler has been injected will appear fuller, fresher, and more youthful 

tear filler

The broader middle-to-lower facial area will appear lifted by the filler.

tear trough filler uk

The broader middle-to-lower facial area will appear lifted by the filler.

In the weeks and months following tear trough filler treatment at our clinic, collagen production will continue to be stimulated by the hyaluronic acid formula for a long-lasting, rejuvenating boost.

What Are The Causes of Visible Tear Troughs

Hollow or ‘sunken’ under eye areas can be caused by a number of things:

The skin under our eyes is very close to the bone. When we don’t drink enough water, the skin can sag and lose its plumpness. You know how your skin feels plump and full throughout the day, even when you don’t drink much water?

It’s a sign that you aren’t getting enough water. Your body uses more of the electrolytes sodium and potassium than other parts of your body do, which makes your skin look thin and dehydrated even when you don’t feel it.  

Both of these things can lead to perpetual eyebags (dark circles)  under the eyes.

Tear troughs are the small divots in skin under the eyes that catch light and make the darker hollow appear larger than it is. Tear troughs are caused by ultraviolet damage and are most visible in people who live in sunny climates.

Sleep deprivation can cause the skin to become dull and pale, which means dark tissues and blood vessels become more prominent. It can also lead to a build-up of fluid underneath your eyes, making them appear puffy.

As we age, our skin loses collagen, elasticity and the ability to hold onto water. This is another cause of dark blood vessels becoming more noticeable under the eyes and tear trough area.

Some people naturally have a more hollow nature to their undereye area.

The Process to Treat Tear Troughs

Following the consultation process for fillers at our Birmingham aesthetics clinic, we’ll disinfect the under-eye area and apply topical anaesthetic treatments notably using Restylane, a high quality product used for dermal fillers.

A handful of skin injection treatment will be made, and the filler massaged to make sure it’s distributed evenly. The whole treatment for the fillers will take just a few minutes.

We often apply tear trough filler via a cannula. A cannula is a long, flexible tube that the filler can pass through, distributing it to multiple delicate areas without repeated injections. This is an excellent way to reduce the risk of bruising on the skin, and the more serious risk of vascular occlusion – a blockage that can lead to blindness.

Although this risk is already extremely low with fillers (only around 100 cases have ever been reported worldwide), cannulas reduce it even further. 

best tear trough filler uk
For many people the under eye area is the first to lose volume from the face, causing a ‘hollow’ or a ‘groove’ which can lead to a constant overworked/tired look (even when that’s not the case!). Tear trough filler is a very simple and natural way of improving this effect and contour improvement is seen immediately
The loss of volume under the eyes causes a reduced distance between the skin and blood vessels, making them more visible and therefore giving a persistent dark and ‘tired’ appearance. Providing some volume in this area is safe and effective way to reverse this effect
Providing support below the eyes plays a huge role in helping to achieve a natural looking facelift defying the need for surgery. Providing volume in this area not only helps reduce the appearance of ‘eye bags’ but also reduces the need to ‘overfill’ in other areas of the face, a commonly seen problem


The procedure will only be carried out by a qualified Aesthetic Doctor with many years of experience and over a thousand treatments


Results are seen immediately after treatment. Some patients may require a higher volume of product but this is recommended to be done in stages


If approached conservatively this treatment can bring incredible results and there is a continuous improvement in the weeks following treatment


A key area where a little volume to the tear trough early on prevents ‘eye-bags’ and dark circle formation


The products used are natural looking yet they can often take over nine months for the body to completely dissolve


Bespoke treatment options range from the zero redness cannula option to contour improvement with direct injection. every patient has their own preference

“After a recommendation to Dr Majid I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made. He is absolutely fantastic and I am literally over the moon with the results”

Excerpt from Trust Pilot Review

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With me, Doctor Majid Shah at our Birmingham Clinic in the West Midlands. With over 4,000 successful skin treatments around the UK, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want!



The tear trough, the crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, is a common area for early signs of aging in both men and women due to its thin and fragile skin. Age-related fat herniation in this area leads to eye bags, which are hard to conceal with makeup. Treatments like tear trough fillers and cheek enhancements can help address this volume loss and support the fat overhang.

On average, tear trough fillers last around a year. This will depend on your individual metabolism. 

There’s no wrong or right age to get tear trough fillers. Many people like to start with these treatments in their late 20s and early 30s to counter early signs of ageing. Some use fillers as a corrective treatment in later years. Some people experience hollow under eye areas genetically, no matter your age, so there’s no reason you can’t consider this type of treatment from fillers early in life.

Any dermal fillers carry a risk of bruising. Some people experience it, some don’t. Any bruising that does occur from the treatment should fade within 2-4 days. 

Over time, dermal fillers will naturally metabolise, and your features will return to their original appearance. Getting top up treatment for dermal fillers at our Birmingham clinic is usually advised once a year, although you may need fillers more or less frequently depending on your requirements and unique metabolism. 

Tear trough filler treatment is great for correcting creases and sunkenness under the eyes. However, to target wrinkles on the outer edges of the eye (or ‘crow’s feet’), Botox treatment at our clinic is a better option. Botox and tear trough filler treatments make an amazing anti-ageing duo. You can speak to us about tailoring a unique treatment plan for your concerns during your consultation for the fillers.

There are no real restrictions following tear trough fillers – you’ll be able to go back to work or your normal routine immediately after treatment. But we advise that you don’t expose the area to intense heat for 24 hours after treatment (i.e. direct sunlight or sunbeds). Both alcohol wipes and aspirin can help mitigate the onset of delayed bruising. 


There are also some general guidelines that will help to prevent infection.

  • Try to avoid touching the area for the rest of the day, and it’s best to avoid applying makeup, in order to let the area breathe and heal.
  • You should also avoid rubbing the area for a few days to let the filler settle in place. 

£375 for 1ml. See here for full treatment prices.