Non Surgical Nose Job Birmingham

Non Surgical Nose Job Birmingham

A non-surgical nose job in Birmingham at the Doctor Majid Shah Clinic could not be any easier. We think the results – in relation to their minuscule downtime – are simply incredible. A rhinoplasty session can take just 15 minutes, but be totally transformative for you in terms of the holistic facial appearance and enhancement.

Long gone is the old cliché of emerging sheepishly from a surgical clinic with bandages, bruising, and a telltale nose splint. Sometimes referred to as the ‘liquid nose job’, this treatment is an art we’ve honed to such perfection, that our excellent reviews can vouch for. The intervention is virtually undetectable from the second you leave our practice.   

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Danielle s
I recently had filler in my nose and I am sooo happy with the results. Majid is super friendly and I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the whole appointment. I would highly recommend him!
I went in just to have a slight enhancement to the bridge and tip of my nose, however the results went above and beyond expectations. (This has been my very first procedure), he's very knowledgeable and will answer any random questions you might throw at him beforehand, during, and after your procedure... It will be worth it spending your extra pennies going to an established and experienced clinician to ensure you're in good hands and have an honest experience. Awesome guy, awesome clinic, what more can I say.
Carly Miller
Highly recommend Dr Majid, not only is he truly talented at what he does, but he is such a friendly genuine person who completely put me at ease and talked me through any concerns I had. This was my first time ever having fillers (I had nose and lips!) and I just wish I had done it sooner! I’m over the moon with my results and literally cannot stop looking in the mirror. It’s given me such a big confidence boost, and I still can’t get over how natural my lips look! My whole experience with Dr Majid and the clinic has been nothing but positive and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about having treatment. Thank you so much again!!
Yasmin S
I'm very satisfied with my Lip filler treatment with Dr Majid, he took the time at the consultation to listen to my concerns and put me at ease during the procedure - which wasn't painful. My lips look amazing. I was worried about lip fillers looking fake but these are very natural with a big improvement in the volume. Will be back again soon 🙂 Thank you!
I am extremely happy with my recent treatment (Jaw Botox.) I can already see a good result and I think it’s great that you get a free follow up appointment where you can have more treatment if needed. Dr Majid is friendly and puts you at ease, the procedure was not painful and I will definitely be seeing Dr Majid for future treatments.
I'm thrilled with the treatments I have had with Dr Majid. As a younger client (27 years old) it's so important to me that I look entirely natural and that procedures don't change my face but instead enhance it. Dr Majid has proved that he is exceptionally talented at offering natural and very beautiful results, and his work even exceeded my expectations. I have the lips I always wanted, and that look like I was born with! I'm also impressed with his practise of the latest techniques in non-invasive surgery, and his consistent concern for the wellbeing of the client. I particularly appreciate the complimentary checkup sessions, which show that he really is dedicated to giving the client the best possible experience and result. I'm also very pleased with the 'preventative' Botox I have had - more effective than face cream and a lighter dose means I still look normal and my face still has expression. Dr Majid is highly recommended!
I recently had botox and teartrough fillers and I am delighted with the results. I've had so many compliments from people who are unaware of the work I've had (I don't generally advertise the fact!). It looks so natural. I will definitely return in the future.
I have always been self-conscious about my lips, however I was nervous about lip fillers as I wanted very natural results! I went to see Dr Majid Shah for the lip fillers treatment in Birmingham after a recommendation by a friend. Before the treatment Dr Majid took the time to discuss my concerns and expectations and explain what the procedure involved. I was extremely comfortable throughout the treatment, which was quick and painless. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and it has done wonders to my confidence. My lips look enhanced yet natural just as I wanted! Dr Majid Shah is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to others!
Natalie Bulat
Just did my nose and chin fillers and I can totally recommend!!! Very professional and has amazing technique
Emilia London
I've had amazing jaw-slimming results thanks to Dr Majid Shah. He has worked wonders! Extremely friendly and professional, he doesn't hesitate to take the time to talk to you about the procedure and any concerns. I'm a returning patient and highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr Shah!

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (nose job)

A non-surgical nose job involves the placement of dermal filler under the skin. With dermal fillers, we can only add volume. We can’t take it away. Many people wanting to reduce the size of their nose wonder at first how this can be achieved with a dermal filler product. But by using strategically-placed additional volume, we transform and work magic on the appearance of your nose’s proportions. 

Why we pay so much notice to our noses? It’s actually quite simple. Our nose has the single most important impact on our profile when it comes to the balance of our features. If a nose is large or asymmetrical, it can offset the ratios of conventional beauty in the face. In some cases, people don’t mind their nose face-on, but don’t like the appearance it gives their side profile. Both men and women can feel self-conscious when they get caught ‘side on’ in a photograph. 

Our Non Surgical Nose Job Treatment

Compared to invasive surgery treatments, liquid nose treatment also known as non surgical nose job really is a walk in the park. During the procedure, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected under the skin to artfully shape, fill, and balance. There’s nothing more to it than that – during the procedure you’ll receive several small fillers which will take approximately 15 minutes in total to administer. 

Here are just some of the concerns we address and alterations we perform to balance and beautify our most prominent facial feature. 

The Results We Expect For You

The results of a non surgical nose job are immediately realised. Other than some minor swelling that will go down within a couple of days, you’ll be able to see the transformation from the fillers injection. You may experience a slight bump around the injection sites. This too will rapidly diminish following treatment. 

Book a Free Consultation 

With me, Doctor Majid Shah at our Birmingham Clinic in the West Midlands. With over 4,000 successful skin treatments around the UK, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want!

The Consultation

We always begin with a virtual consultation. During this allocated consultation time with an expert medical aesthetician, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, and ask any important questions maybe regarding any pain or side effects from a non surgical nose job. We’ll then move onto an in-person appointment here at our Birmingham clinic, where we will discuss a tailored treatment plan unique to your aesthetic ambitions.

Consultations are relaxed and informal, and there’s no obligation to proceed with treatment if you decide a non surgical nose job it’s not for you.

There are many benefits of Nose Reshaping. We can raise the nasal tip to correct a droopy nose, without affecting the upper lip. Side profiles can be straightened. All without the need for general anaesthetic and cosmetic surgery! It is also a much more affordable option.

In your free consultation, we will discuss how we can craft the perfect treatment for you.

“My nose is now perfectly straight with no indentations like previously and it fits my face well so no real surgery needed”

– excerpt from Trustpilot review (2017)

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