Men’s Aesthetics


by Dr Majid Shah

Men’s Aesthetics


by Dr Majid Shah

“I visited Dr. Shah who recommended treatments that would ‘refresh’ my face without it being obvious I’d had work done. I had botox and tear trough filler and am delighted with the results!”

– Marc (TrustPilot review)

The number of men turning to non surgical aesthetics is higher than ever

Some of this is down to increased awareness of the benefits provided over surgery, especially with the use of wrinkle relaxing botulinum treatments

This maintains masculinity but delays the development of incriminating deep facial wrinkles

Other popular treatments include eye bag reduction, treatment of excessive armpit sweating and prevention of hair loss

This growing collective is not just comprised of those who are meticulous about their appearance but also forward thinkers who are keen to control the effects of ageing



    Perfect for men who want a little extra refinement with dermal filler in high impact areas where a small amount could be life changing. Examples of this include blending in nasal bridge ‘bumps’ and achieving the runway look with slightly more defined cheekbones


    Maintain a mature yet fresh look with subtle wrinkle relaxing measures and occasionally natural looking dermal fillers that prevent deep eye bags or lower-face sagging. Other popular treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma therapies for hair loss and scarring
  • the MODERN MAN

    the MODERN MAN

    The modern man now has the mindset and responsibility to look, feel and dress their best. Previously this may have been for a special someone but now it is mainly to be the best version of themselves. Treatments include refinement of cheekbones, treating excessive underarm sweating, prevention of hair loss and the quest for ever present supreme skin quality

Men’s Aesthetics Overview

Cheek Enhancement

Recommended for men as the perfect entry into facial aesthetics. Its versatility allows it to combat early signs of ageing and sagging, reduction of 'eye bags' or just a refinement of the desirable cheekbone contour.

Tear Trough Filler for Eye Bag Reduction

Eye bags or dark circles are a common cause for concern amongst men, often an unwanted storyteller as to how busy/stressed or tired they are. Safely replacing lost volume in this area with natural looking dermal filler goes a long way in reversing the effect

Jawline Refinement

An effective method to reduce sagging at the jawline or to achieve the coveted runway look..this treatment remains one of the most impactful in mens facial aesthetics

Chin Augmentation

Possibly the most subconsciously desired facial traits I have known. An incredible way to enhance masculinity and reduce the effect of sagging in one treatment. Very effective for men who would like to strengthen a retruded chin

Temple Volumiser

When men lose volume from their faces it can be fairly obvious in this region of the face. Depleted temples are often associated with drastic and unhealthy weight loss and can be softened effectively with dermal filler

Nose Reshaping

Dermal fillers that are specific to the nose can be used to blend in 'bumps', increase the projection of the nose bridge and tip, and even to raise the tip to counter a 'drooped' nose

Neck Lift/Rejuvenation

This area is often overlooked in aesthetics and can betray really good work elsewhere on the face. With the use of botox, fillers and PRP it can be vastly rejuvenated.

Hair Loss Treatment

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma which is taken from the patients own blood is a safe and modern way of preventing hair loss and 'jump-starting' the body's own growth and repair mechanisms.

Earlobe Rejuvenator

This gem of a treatment is fantastic for earlobes that have lost volume and have started looking weaker and saggier. The treatment is swift, safe and simple to perform

Naso-Labial Lines

One of the more well known areas of the face treated in men. Thankfully there are many ways to provide this treatment without the patient looking 'done'. Whilst treatment higher up the face is much more appealing to good practitioners for a more natural result, if done correctly this treatment is the icing on the cake

Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkle relaxing therapy includes the use the Botulinum Toxin 'Botox' to soften forehead lines. In men these are stronger and often it is recommended for there to be some dynamic movement but not enough to be visible at rest.

'Crow's Feet' Wrinkles

Wrinkle relaxing therapy includes the use the Botulinum Toxin 'Botox' to soften lines next to the eyes. In men these lines are strong and are often perceived to be quite 'charming' so I usually recommend an average dose to control not conquer completely!

'Frown' Lines

Of the facial muscular movements this muscle group provides the most unwanted facial lines. Whilst a strong brow is desirable in men, excessively deep frown lines often detract from the overall look and when treated can men provide a welcome subtle lift for the face








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