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“I visited Dr. Shah who recommended treatments that would ‘refresh’ my face without it being obvious I’d had work done. I had botox and tear trough filler and am delighted with the results!”

Marc – TrustPilot Review

The number of men turning to non surgical aesthetics is higher than ever

Some of this is down to increased awareness of the benefits provided over surgery, especially with the use of wrinkle relaxing botulinum treatments

This maintains masculinity but delays the development of incriminating deep facial wrinkles

Other popular treatments include eye bag reduction, treatment of excessive armpit sweating and prevention of hair loss

This growing collective is not just comprised of those who are meticulous about their appearance but also forward thinkers who are keen to control the effects of ageing


Perfect for men who want a little extra refinement with dermal filler in high impact areas where a small amount could be life changing. Examples of this include blending in nasal bridge ‘bumps’ and achieving the runway look with slightly more defined cheekbones


Maintain a mature yet fresh look with subtle wrinkle relaxing measures and occasionally natural looking dermal fillers that prevent deep eye bags or lower-face sagging. Other popular treatments include Platelet Rich Plasma therapies for hair loss and scarring


The modern man now has the mindset and responsibility to look, feel and dress their best. Previously this may have been for a special someone but now it is mainly to be the best version of themselves. Treatments include refinement of cheekbones, treating excessive underarm sweating, prevention of hair loss and the quest for ever present supreme skin quality

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