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Lip Fillers for Men – Are They a Good Option for You?


Thanks to technological advancements, we are now able to enhance how we look through several beauty tips and treatments, including lip enhancement treatments, plastic surgery, and other treatments. While many patients that ask for these appearance enhancements are women, many men tend to go the extra mile to look as good as possible.


Stigma Surrounding Male Grooming

Several years ago, male grooming was something that had a lot of stigmas. However, there’s now a gender-inclusive approach to beauty and enhancement treatments for shaping their aspect, including the dermal filler treatment or microdermabrasion.

Whether the person’s a man or a woman, having thin lips can make them feel insecure. As the person gets older, the lips may lose collagen and elastin, which are the lip’s natural plumping proteins. This can cause the lips to get even thinner over the ages.

Thankfully, lip enhancement treatments from a specialist are here to add volume and get you to have fuller lips without too much trouble. Overall, this is a subtle enhancement that you can get administered with local anaesthetic and reach a much better male lip.

The following article will go over men’s lip fillers, how they can enhance a man’s appearance, and how you can get one if you’re looking for one of those procedures in your location.


Can Guys Get Lip Fillers?

Absolutely! Whether it’s for your bottom or upper lip, there are several injection sites that offer lip filler treatments for both men and women. The stigma surrounding male lip enhancement is something of the past, and you can get the desired result within a few easy sessions.


What Is the Difference Between a Lip Filler for Men and Women?

Overall, the main difference between the two lip enhancement procedures is how much filler people want to get. While women tend to search for more “plumpness” in their upper or lower lip, men often look for a subtle change without the necessity of plastic surgery or other harsh injectables.

Still, it all depends on the person, their age, and what they want to get.


Does Lip Filler Look Good on Men?

The short answer is yes. Lip filler (and more options) can help you achieve a more youthful look regardless of your age. While not many people are excited about the idea of getting injections, many specialized facilities offer a free consultation where they can get information about the different procedures, what to expect from the injectables, and many other things.


Why Do Men Get Lip Fillers?

The goal for most men, in this case, is to achieve better definition, shape, or symmetry. Moreover, dermal fillers can help men look younger and refreshed. Some of the reasons why men seek dermal fillers include the following:

  • Achieve better definition
  • Enhance masculine features
  • Add volume to the upper lip or lower lip
  • Minimize facial creases


Do Male Celebrities Get Lip Fillers?

It may not seem like it, but there are many celebrities that opt for dermal fillers to enhance their entire face. Some of these people include Tom Hardy, Brad Pitt, and more. Those two celebrities, in particular, are known for having a lot of facial hair.

Overall, using a hyaluronic acid treatment on their lips has helped them have more accentuated lips, making them look younger.

Remember, dermal fillers are supposed to make the ageing process seem slower, and they can certainly help you achieve that. Now that you know that even the most famous celebrities are using lip fillers, why not try them yourself?


What Does a Dermal Filler Treatment Consist Of?


Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Now, this is where we get a bit technical. Overall, a lip filler treatment works with a substance, which is typically hyaluronic acid. That substance is then injected into the lips to boost the body’s supply of HA in an effort to replace lost volume.

Aside from being a great treatment to make your lips look fuller, HA can also help reduce the look of wrinkles, define your facial shape, and overall make you look better.


Are There Different Types of HA Procedures?

Keep in mind that a hyaluronic acid treatment is considered temporary. Depending on the brand or treatment, you may get longer-term results. Most doctors offer a follow-up appointment after the first-time treatment to assess how the face has adapted to the lip filler.

Depending on who you talk to, you may expect different price ranges, so make sure to seek a treatment that fits both your budget and your needs.


Does the Lip Filler Treatment Hurt?

Lip fillers are known for being relatively painless. You can expect the treatment session to last from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the doctor and what parts of your skin you’re going to inject and “plump.”

According to several patients, the injections feel like “ant bites,” so the sensation shouldn’t be too painful. Some doctors administrate numbing cream to make the pain more tolerable. Still, remember that all patients are different, so the pain sensation may feel different for each person.


Are There Side Effects to Dermal Fillers?

As with any other cosmetic methods for the mouth, jaw, nose, chin, and any other one for your skin, there may be some side effects after the treatment. Those side effects include bruising or swelling of the treated area, which in this case, is your lip.

These side effects tend to last approximately seven days. Some people may use Arnica or an ice pack to minimise the effects of the bruising.


How Much Time Until You See Results?

Considering lip filler treatments use HA, the results are immediate. However, since your lips will bruise or swell after the treatment, you may not see the final look after a few days. Depending on the treatment, you can expect the lips to settle after one or two weeks.

Those who are looking for a “natural” look are advised to take several lip filler appointments and augment their lips gradually.


How Much Time Does the Lip Filler Last?

It depends on the type of filler used on your lips and your age. Typically, you can expect the lip fillers to last between six to 12 months since the body will metabolize the HA over those months.

Keep in mind that men are known for metabolizing Botox and fillers for the lips faster than women; this is because men tend to have a higher metabolic rate. Still, the longevity of the lip filler will vary depending on your metabolism.

Once the patient notices his lips are getting thinner again, they may contact a doctor and schedule an appointment to get another minimal filler for their lips for contouring their face.


Is It Possible to Reverse a Lip Filler?

Yes! There are some men who initially don’t like how the procedure went or left their skin after looking at before/after photos. In some rare cases, if the man presents some health problems after the injections, the clinic may offer a consultation to reverse the procedure.

Here, the patient will undergo a procedure where the clinic doctor will inject “hyaluronidase” into the affected area. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that will help dissolve the HA, which will immediately reverse the effect of the acid on the skin and will get the lip shape back to its natural one.


Are There Any At-Home Treatments to Improve Your Lips?

Some men aren’t ready for the idea of having a procedure to improve the shape of their lips, and that’s okay. There are some methods that can naturally help you achieve a smooth and better look for your skin, lips, and other areas.



There are some products, such as a lip scrub or a dry toothbrush, that you can use occasionally to remove dead skin cells on your lips. Fortunately, exfoliating your skin and lips can stimulate blood vessels, providing you with more volume in a natural way.



If you have a significant amount of facial hair, it may be difficult for people to notice your lips right away, especially if they’re already thin. Beards are known for causing a distraction for your lips, so removing that from your face may help you provide more “volume” to your lips without much else work.



It should go without saying that staying hydrated is essential if you want your skin and lip to stay healthy. If you don’t drink enough water during the day, not only will your skin look pale, but your lips will get sore, cracked, or flaky, making them look smaller than they currently are.

Many people recommend you to have at least six to eight water glasses each day for your lips to retain water and help them maintain their natural volume.


Lip Liner

There are several large brands that provide people with special offers regarding lip liner products. While most of these special offers are for women’s products, there are also others made specifically for men.

Overall, lip liners are used to create an illusion of having a larger bottom or top lip. The only thing you have to do is purchase a lip liner that matches your lip colour and draw a line outside your lip shape. Many people have noticed a significant difference right away.

The only “bad” thing about this method is that it doesn’t improve your lips naturally, so you would have to reapply the liner every once in a while.


Lip Balm

Finally, lip balms (or lip plumpers) are products that cause blood to rush to your skin’s surface, causing transient swelling. In other words, these are products that will help you get a bit more volume on your lips without having to get injections.

Keep in mind that balms only allow you to get subtle changes. As with other parts of your skin, if you want more significant changes, you may want to get injections.

Some lip balms tend to come with shiny gloss finishes, so if you don’t want the changes to be too evident, try to find a balm without these properties.


Are There Other Ways to Improve Your Looks?

In some cases, enhancing your face and getting the best results may go beyond getting a small plump on your lips. You can also go for a slight change to your jawline, nose, cheeks, and others. However, keep in mind that, the more procedures you get, the longer the recovery will be, and the more discomfort you will be likely to experience.

You may feel free to discuss all your options with your doctor so that you can gain the confidence you have always wanted and avoid any possible risk. Harmonizing your face may take a bit more work than expected, but as long as you do it with the right people, you won’t notice any problems with your health.


Lip Fillers for Men | One of the Best Anti-Ageing Treatments for Men

There will always be a few details in our bodies that we will want to take care of. Whether we notice our face losing elasticity, or we notice some fine lines on our faces, finding the right people to get a procedure can be an excellent choice.

When it comes to lip fillers, remember that these are long-lasting treatments, and depending on your needs, the filler can be discreet enough that nobody notices you got any work done!

Fashion trends are changing how we perceive beauty in both men and women, which is why everyone is seeking safe treatments to make themselves look better and feel more confident.

Even if you didn’t like how your lips looked after the procedure, you can easily get it reversed by a professional.

Either way, dermal fillers are a recommended option for a patient to consider if they want to achieve correct lip symmetry, create definition, or boost their volume.


Seek Fillers for Men from Experts

If you’re over 18 years of age and are looking to get a consultation for lip enhancement, don’t hesitate to request a consultation from our clinic.

We offer specialized and recommended lip fillers for men that will help you remove any signs of ageing and develop a more beautiful, defined, and fuller lip structure.


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