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At our non surgical aesthetics clinic in Birmingham our results are achieved by working in harmony with your natural facial features. We engage artful techniques to beautify and transform.

As a highly skilled practitioner with over 4,000 successful treatments including Botox, I apply medical expertise to achieve shape and symmetry without any scalpel to your skin. It allows us to use gentle aesthetics skin treatments that are, leading-edge to enhance, correct, sculpt, and volumize.

Cosmetic aesthetic technology is rapidly expanding. It’s our imperative to adapt just as rapidly. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of new developments, at our surgery in Birmingham we bring you only the safest and most innovative practices and treatments.

The advantages of selecting aesthetic beauty treatments at our face aesthetics clinic range from the major to the minor. Save yourself the major recovery time that surgical enhancements require. Reverse the effects of time and stress. Replenish lost volume and lost confidence. Enhance your appearance in less than a lunch break.

We believe you and everyone has a right to feel vibrant and young, no matter their age. We advocate for honesty, giving transparent, educational consulting to anyone who needs it.

Finally, as you can see from the review of our treatments, at our business we go above and beyond to deliver medical excellence within an environment of fastidious hygiene and safety at our facial aesthetics clinic located in the quiet Alcester Lane End area of Birmingham.

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Specialising in Natural Looking Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments & Dermal Fillers

Including: Wrinkle RelaxingLip FillersRhinoplasty and Skin Rejuvenation

Our Treatment

Our Process & Procedures

Getting started on your aesthetic enhancement journey starts with us and a virtual consultation. We’ll follow this up with an in-person assessment where we

What you want to achieve

How exactly we’ll achieve it

Any Concerns

We’ll draw up a tailored plan for current and future treatments. In some cases, we can get started there and then.

What you want to achieve.

We will listen to what you want to achieve and make that happen. There are no drugs or needles involved – and the best bit is that you’ll never experience any pain or downtime. This means you’ll be able to return to your normal life sooner!

How exactly we’ll achieve it.

We listen to concerns you might have with the aesthetics treatment or any skin conditions you want to mention such as acne By injecting Botox into your problem areas, you can help shrink the gland that causes this build up of toxins, reducing oil production and alleviating many forms of acne.

Your own tailored plan

In some cases, we can get started there and then. We specialize in creating individualized plans that are tailored to your specific wishes and concerns. We offer an affordable alternative to traditional surgical treatments that is focused on achieving pain relief and reducing long-term risk of complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘liquid facelift’ uses hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers that gradually boost volume over time. It’s the perfect method for aging gracefully.
Foundational fills like Juvéderm Volume – as the name suggests – provide structural volume to the mid-facial area. They can also contour the cheeks and
jaw, beautify the lips, and correct eyebags.

A number of factors can make us feel like we’ve lost our sparkle. Dehydration, sun damage, stress, and natural temporal aging to name a few. These factors can result in droopiness and hollowness that belie our age. This will help to incrementally replace volume over time and works to reverse these effects. But fills don’t just correct – they prevent. They provide a preventative measure safeguard against premature wrinkling.

Starting a treatment plan early in
life is the number one way to improve and maintain our facial aesthetics.

The cost of a surgical rhinoplasty in the UK can reach up to £7,000. A painless, no surgery nose job, costs £400.

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