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Non Surgical Nose Job for Wide Nose : Your Options

non surgical nose job

When people think about rhinoplasty (a nose job), you often consider it a surgical procedure. In most cases, that’s true. However, did you know that a procedure referred to as non surgical nose job for wide nose is gaining popularity?

You see, surgical rhinoplasty is still one of the most widely asked and done procedures in the UK and across the globe. But in most cases, non-surgical rhinoplasty may be a good choice. That liquid noise job procedure offers results that are visible immediately, with nearly no downtown.

This article will cover what a non-surgical nose job means, what the recovery is like, the results you can anticipate from a non-surgical rhinoplasty and many more frequently asked questions that many patients tend to ask.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty or Liquid Rhinoplasty?

A non-surgical nose job or liquid nose job is a treatment done with fillers. Fillers are injectable solutions, which have become quite common because they are cheap, effective, fast, and nearly feel pain-free. These filler treatments can be done on many different parts of the face and are often utilised for plumping lips, lowering the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and adding contour to areas such as the jawline and the chin.

Fillers are also an efficient way to make the illusion of a nose job without the surgery. Nonetheless, that’s only true in some cases.


What Can a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Offer?

Keep in mind that you should understand that a liquid nose job is not only for individuals who like a nose job, but do not like surgery in general. That’s an oversimplification of the process and can result in disappointment and frustration.

As an alternative, non-surgical rhinoplasty is only feasible for people who like to add something to their nose. That may sound like it is only intended for those who want a bigger nose. However, remember that the ability to add to a nose can be a shockingly versatile and efficient way of making the illusion of a different form to your nose.

How Can a Liquid Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Enhance the Appearance of Your Nose?

When it comes to liquid rhinoplasty as being able to add to the nose, there are certain improvements the procedure can bring, such as:

Low Bridge

Do you have a low bridge and would like to fix it? A non-surgical nose job may be an excellent option for you. A low bridge can be lifted by adding some filter, which helps build up the nose bridge. Utilising a non-surgical rhinoplasty to make a higher nose and wide nose bridge is a common request for African American or Asian descent, who are more likely to have lower nose bridges.


Many non-surgical rhinoplasty doctors are sought out by their patients who aren’t satisfied with their nose job from another surgeon. As such, these experts can perform revisional nose jobs. In other cases, they can do corrections and revisions non surgically. Choose a surgeon with medical expertise you can trust.


In some scenarios, non-surgical rhinoplasty is very efficient at fixing irregularities or enhancing the nose’s symmetry. Surgeons can fill in areas with precision to make the illusion of a regular, symmetric, nasal structure.

Dip in the Nose Bridge

Do you have a divot or dip in the bridge of your nose? Then, non-surgical rhinoplasty can fix that in most scenarios. Keep in mind that fillers work well for fixing dips, as the goal is to add to the nose’s structure rather than taking anything away.

Nose Bump

Fillers can’t be utilised to eliminate a bump on your nose. Nonetheless, there are cases where you can fill around the bump and give the appearance of a smooth, straight nose. That won’t make your nose a lot smaller but can enhance its contour and profile. It’s the most efficient method for somebody with a hump or small bump in their nose. With a big bump, surgical rhinoplasty is often the most practical option.

What Problems can NOT be Fixed with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

In some instances, a non-surgical nose job can be a good alternative to the surgical procedure, which is surgical rhinoplasty. However, there are also some cases that the only way to get the outcomes you like is through a surgical procedure which will cost excessively more between £4000 to £7000 and that is not including consultation fees and any furthermore operation costs.

Here are some good instances of nose job corrections that can’t be done with a non-surgical rhinoplasty and would need an invasive procedure:

Dropping Nose Tip

Other patients like to fix their nose tips that may look drooping or sagging. We can’t use fillers to fix a dropping or plunging nose tip. That problem requires a cosmetic surgery.

Wide Nostrils

Do you have wide nostrils and would want to make a narrower nose shape? Unfortunately, surgical rhinoplasty is the only choice for you. A cosmetic surgeon removes the unwanted parts from the nose. Liquid rhinoplasty only adds to the nose, and thus surgeons can’t address those wide nostrils with fillers.

Bulbous Nose Tip

Would you like to fix your nose by minimising a bulbous nose tip? Unluckily, that can’t be done without a cosmetic surgery. When a surgeon fixes a bulbous tip, they eliminate the cartilage and rearrange the tip to make a smaller structure and a more refined nose tip. Take note that fillers can’t accomplish those facial feature goals.


A big dorsal hump or bump in the nose can’t be fixed without surgical nose jobs. Fillers can be utilised to build up your nose around the dorsal hump, making for a much flat look. However, all a surgeon can do without surgical rhinoplasty is to add to the nose. If you prefer a smaller nose or the actual bump removal, then surgical nose jobs are likely the best option for you.

What Type of Filler is Utilised to Perform Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

Some of the cosmetic surgeons in the area only use hyaluronic acid when performing the non-invasive surgery procedure. The most typical type is Restylane. Remember that the nose’s appearance could be compromised when thicker fillers are used, such as dermal fillers.

A thin filler like hyaluronic acid filler enables surgeons to be precise. Just be extra careful of all other types of fillers being placed in the nose, such as derma fillers.

Is a Non-Surgical Nose Job Permanent?

The fillers used for a non-surgical nose job are not 100% permanent solutions. Patients find their desired results could last up to a year or much longer. You can come in for more filler if you want.

Can a Non-Surgical Nose Job Go Wrong?

Yes, it can. Other people consider a non-surgical nose job as one that’s safe by default. It’s a fact that this non-surgical nose procedure does not involve the injection process, so there’s not the same risk of infection you would have with cosmetic surgery.

Nevertheless, anything that’s injected into your face can cause substantial change if not done properly. The nose is fragile, and its blood supply and architecture should be preserved during any treatment, both surgical and non-surgical.

A mistake during a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure can lead to permanent damage. Fillers injected wrongly can lead to facial deformities and necrosis. That means to death of the skin, which is something impossible to fix.

The person doing the non-surgical nose job must be an expert in the anatomy of the nose’s bones, nose cartilage, and arteries. The nose is a crucial facet of any person’s appearance. Thus, only trust the most experienced and highly trained surgeons to do your non-surgical nose job.

How Long is the Recovery After a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

One of the most thrilling parts of a non-surgical nose job is that there’s nearly no recovery period. Surgeons only utilise local anaesthesia, and there are no stitches or incisions. The only evidence of any non-surgical nose job being done is that a few patients report slight swelling for a few days once the filler is injected.

Often, patients prefer to schedule their non-surgical nose job for a Thursday or Friday, allowing them to return to work by Monday.

Who is a Suitable Candidate For a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Typically, someone is a great candidate for a non-surgical nose job if they like to fix the look of their nose by adding to it. For instance, lifting a low nose bridge, filling in a dip, making symmetry or flattering the appearance of a bump in the nose can all be performed non-surgically in most cases.

Candidates must be in good health and have realistic expectations. Many people with bleeding disorders aren’t suitable for a non-surgical nose job.

On the other hand, if you prefer a small nose, want to eliminate a big nose bump, make wide nostrils narrower, or lessen a bulbous nose tip, then you’re not likely a great candidate for this non-surgical option. These nose job goals are highly accomplished with an injection rhinoplasty but likely can’t be done to your satisfaction with surgery.

A liquid nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty is a good option for individuals who wish to add contour to make the illusion of a perfect nose and better facial features. It’s non-invasive with no need for sedation and only gives minimal downtime.

The only way to know whether you’re a good candidate for a non-surgical nose job is to meet with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. They will spend time with you and provide you with a comprehensive, clear evaluation of your personal goals and the best means to accomplish them.

There you have it! We hope you find this post highly engaging and informative at the same time. Keep all these details in mind, so you’re ready for your non-surgical procedure. We wish you the best of luck and start feeling confident with your nose!

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