Lip Fillers

“lips are the fingerprints of love”

Lip Fillers

“lips are the fingerprints of love”

“After a year my lips are still volumised and defined! I would highly recommend him to anyone as I am always in love with my results”

– excerpt from Trustpilot review

Lip Enhancement in Birmingham

Gorgeous, fuller and fresher lips exude youth and sensuality. For this reason, ‘lip plumping’ has become a global trend. Dermal fillers also provide amazing hydration and anti ageing benefits.

Lip Enhancement involves safely adding or restoring volume into the lips.
We use FDA-approved products that contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring building block of the human body. We source our products from regulated pharmacies based in the UK; these include popular brands such as Juvederm and Restylane.

Lip fillers, unfortunately, have divided opinion. This is mostly due to poor publicity (think Kylie Jenner with lip fillers or Kylie Jenner without lip fillers). However, in your free consultation, we will discuss how we can craft the perfect lip treatment for you.

Who can have Lip Fillers/Dermal Fillers?

ANYONE can have Lip Fillers! For example, patients with more present volume often suit dermal fillers that focus more on hydration than size. This will give a fresh glow and a luscious contour.

A patient who is new to Lip Fillers has the choice to use a half ml to improve on lip volume. As a result, giving a very subtle lift and less swelling. Each patient is unique.

How long do Lip Fillers last?

Hyaluronate based dermal fillers generally last between 9 to 12 months. Still, there are always vast differences between patients.

Factors that affect the duration of lip fillers include:

  • age
  • high or low metabolism
  • the amount of product used
  • as well as stress

It must be noted though, on average patients should expect around 6 to 9 months for smaller quantities such as 0.5ml.

What are the risks of having Lip Fillers?

Lip injections are on the whole very safe, and the main risks involve the potential of some mild bruising and swelling. We expect some mild redness with all injectable treatments. There are also other vascular risks, which are minimised by:

  • firstly, a strong knowledge of anatomy
  • use of the correct technique
  • taking time with each patient
  • an experienced clinician performs the treatment

If you have had a history of regular cold sores, it is often recommended to take a precautionary dose of Aciclovir. This minimises the chances of the lip augmentation procedure causing a cold sore.

What can you not do after Lip Fillers? Aftercare for Lip Fillers

We expect some swelling immediately after treatment, so an ice pack between the lips can help. The initial swelling will go down quite quickly.

There may be minor soreness (from the filler injections) as the numbness from the topical cream wears off. You can manage this with a painkiller, such as paracetamol. We advise against ibuprofen and aspirin.

We recommend lots of rest and no intense exercise, for 48 hours after your treatments. The reduced activity allows the body to heal the treated areas quicker.

After 24 hours the swelling may have mostly subsided. If still present a cold compress or ice pack can be applied. Drinking much water also helps.

We always offer a free follow-up appointment, even if you already see the desired results (generally after two weeks).

Dermal Fillers in Birmingham Clinic

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